The Ranttable E3 2017

Opinion Piece

Play Legit Staff got together to give their Individual Best titles of E3.  Some even gave their biggest disappointments of the show.  This is the Ranttable.  An assortment of thoughts from the biggest gaming expo of the year.

T-42:  Overall my favorite pick would be Battletech (PC).  All the new features they announced.  The game play they showed was great, and it’s been a long time since we’ve had a solid Mech game on PC that shows this much promise.  The turn-based nature of the game and modes took it home for me.  Fun as Odyssey looked, we get Mario games left and right.  I expect nothing less than fun, but Mech games that are good, are far and few between.  


Vex: Forza manages to continually push the boundary what an Xbox can do, and now with the graphical fidelity that I witnessed, I see what other developers are capable of. Everything pleases in Forza Motorsport 7 (XO/PC).  From the frame rate to HDR.  I have had no interest in Forza from a racing perspective, only strictly from the art that you can do.  This year however, I might hop back on again.  Watched the 4K feed on my TV, and I can tell you I’ve never seen anything like that.  Really impressive.


Mo Chocolate: My experience this year was for the most part fun.  However the lines were 2X as long since it was open to the public this time around, so I managed to only play a couple of games. Thankfully I played Super Mario Odyssey, and that is certainly my favorite of E3.  So for this year I’d say the social experience I enjoyed more than the gaming side considering the big crowds mobbing the kiosks.


Ms. Throwback: Favorite game announcement is definitely Super Mario Odyssey. Half the time I have no idea what I’m looking at but it all looks beyond fantastic. After spending some time watching tree house and browsing fan pages I realize how much work they’ve put into this title. They brought back so many classic Mario suits with just his hat! It pays tribute to the history of Mario games while reinventing itself which is an almost impossible feat.

Biggest disappointment from E3 was no animal crossing announcement and could we get just a short trailer for Metroid? I mean believe me, I’m not complaining too much. We have to leave something for the future but animal crossing seems like such a great fit for the switch I’m just too excited not to think about it.

I have another vast disappointment. Crackdown 3. That game was so ugly.  You’re over here trying to get us excited about your new console with that hideous wreck? I can’t even begin to tell you how much I cringed as that trailer was playing at the conference. Sick!

mario odyssey2

The Sully: My Best was Sea of Thieves (XO/PC). Exploring and going on epic adventures across the sea as pirates with three other friends is exactly what I want to do in every video game! The gameplay is what I’m most excited for. Grabbing a riddle map and plunging into the unknown with your best pals, and discovering hidden treasures is what I would take over any highly cinematic or detailed game. Plus, the fact that you can shoot yourself out of a cannon onto another ship to fight other players, they might as well just go ahead and take my money now!

I’m looking forward to this game more than any other, as I am mad set on Sea of Thieves delivering fun and entertainment with friends. I can already see the crew filled with laughter and panic as we take on all the adventures of being pirates. Who’s with me?

Worst: Shadow of Colossus. Talk about milking an IP over and over again.  I’m getting tired of these games that need a facelift every 10 years, but they’re taking a game that was remastered already once and now getting another make over for the PS4.  The same story we have seen twice, but now with new mechanics.  They are just asking to start a pissing match between their fan base that stay true to the difficulty of the original game, and now newcomers that are going to have a different experience without having to deal with clunky controls from the past.

I really hope this doesn’t start a trend where I see more games that have already been remastered once and then get another version of it that doesn’t play the same as the original. Plus, what was wrong with the one they just remastered a few years ago? The graphics looked perfectly fine to me.  I really didn’t see much of an improvement. Will I buy a third copy of the same game? No! C’mon man!


KJ: My favorite of the show is fueled by my love for this series.  I was absolutely impressed with Dragon Ball FighterZ (XO/PC/PS4).  Not only from a visual standpoint, knowing who is behind it quickly gave me full confidence in my choice.  Development duties is being Handled by Arc System Works.  My Disappointment was of course going another year without a follow-up to Conker or Battletoads, but that’s now in my legacy let down list.  Shenmue III is getting delayed, but I was really looking forward to a visual progress report.  Any developments on this game would have been great.  Same goes for The Last of Us 2.



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