My 2 Cents: Nintendo’s E3 2017 Presentation

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“In this day and age of over saturated public opinion, it is very easy to get lost in fanboy rhetoric. My Two Cents is an article attempting to give you the good the bad and ugly of E3 on the go. Some of ya’ll are probably reading right-before bed so, let’s go!” -Vex

This one opened with a montage of content we knew about, with an exception.  Rocket League zoomed into the video.  This welcomed port is coming holiday season 2017 with exclusive items and vehicles.

The Good: A Smooth flowing presentation with nothing but games.  Like Sony’s PlayStation Show, videos of previously announced titles were displayed, but in finer detail.  Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is still coming this year!  Fire Emblem Heroes will definitely scratch that Musou itch.  Super Mario Odyssey could topple Zelda BOTW as Nintendo’s best.  It’s really looking impressive.

This was a fast rolling 25 Minutes.  Nintendo made sure not to show too much from games that still need a lot of time.  They simply informed fans they exist.  A Core Pokemon RPG is in the works, along with Metroid Prime 4 (Which I had to leave my room in excitement from). Confirmations of favorites, while maintaining focus on the here and now.

The Bad: Everyone expected it.  It didn’t happen.  Remember those “leaked” photos? No Smash Bros news. No updated port, or sequel unveiling.  I guess they wanted to make sure the fight-game focus remained on Arms and Pokken Tournament DX.  Previously Nintendo spoiled us with E3 day one content in the past.  A game release, or tidbit.  Sony/Capcom are letting players experience Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite right now with a PSN Demo.  A similar gesture this year would have been great for Switch Owners.

The Ugly: There was absolutely zero details on the upcoming online service. The Virtual Console to be exact. What’s the word on Gamecube support? A total disregard towards their retro service was a letdown. What about previously purchased games on the eShop, will your purchases carry over? A lot of questions in the online department went unanswered.

Though the main presentation is only 25 minutes, the Treehouse events really go in-depth on the marquee games, that are just around the corner.  Nintendo showed there isn’t going to be a drought from the company come 2018 either.  Both Yoshi & Kirby games look to be some of next year’s biggies. The company should continue to busticate old habits.  I want to see both titles online coop enabled. Overall I appreciate this E3 outing, because the focus was on 2017.  An Important move, considering a large group of gamers own Brand New Switch Systems.

Plus, more Breath of The Wild content is always a good thing.

3 thoughts on “My 2 Cents: Nintendo’s E3 2017 Presentation

  1. I loved the Spotlight, and while there were definitely games I had wished to see more of (Metroid/Pokemon), I’m just so happy they’re coming to the Switch. And I am ridiculously hyped for Super Mario Odyssey after Nintendo showed off the new possession mechanic. This opens up so many possibilities for gameplay! I’m not that disappointed about no information about online service or retro games. That can be covered in another Direct, whereas they were focusing on new games and trailers in E3. I’m thinking they’ll announce it in Fall.

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