My 2 Cents: Sony’s E3 2017 Presentation

Real Talk By: KJ

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“In this day and age of over saturated public opinion, it is very easy to get lost in fanboy rhetoric.  My Two Cents is an article attempting to give you the good the bad and ugly of E3 on the go.  Some of ya’ll are probably reading right-before bed so, let’s go!” -Vex

The Good: Games we were excited for already, were presented in a newlight.

Days Gone showed us that it will use stealth, and not just traditional shooting mechanics.  The gameplay appears to have a nice variety of both.

I like the fact they showed, and didn’t take a lot of time talking numbers.  The spotlight was on the games.  A respectable attempt considering what they had to work with.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite had some pleasant reveals.  Not only is the story mode looking like a blast for comic fans (Black Panther Confirmed), but you can download a sneak peek right now! Go to the PSN Store.

I may have been the only one constantly talking about this game, but man was this a fantastic closer.  Insomniac Games’ take on Spider-Man was a show-off.  Meaning, the way he was traversing around NYC with everything looking so fluid, made the PS4 glisten.  The combo meter was keeping track of everything Spidey was pulling off, similar to Batman Arkham titles.  He was juggling enemies, wrapping them in webbing.  The city looks fleshed-out and ready for its Spider-Man.  Expect this Marvel in 2018.

The Bad: Nothing within the realm of upcoming VR titles has me convinced (Final Fantasy Fishing?).  Everything shown was just okay.  There failed to be legitimately new title to spark interest.

The Ugly: The impression they made this year may affect them come holiday season, considering The Switch is rolling in sales, and The Xbox One X is expected to move units, what is in store for 2017?  Revealing plenty of software that isn’t coming till 2018, the answer is a bit foggy.

That’s my assessment. They’ve been progressive in how they opertate.  The presentation was very solid, with buzz worthy games, but most of the content we knew about.


2 thoughts on “My 2 Cents: Sony’s E3 2017 Presentation

  1. Would definitely have liked a surprise or two. I was hoping to see Sucker Punch’s next game. A lot of dope games at the conference that I’m dying to play though. Uncharted, God of War and Spider-man still top my list.


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