Refunct Review: Painting A Picture

Real Talk By: KJ

Refunct is a platformer by Dominique Grieshofer.  It’s out on PC, Mac, and now Xbox One.  Gamers will be taken on a unique trip, one that is punishment free.  Your goal is to Bring life back to the world.  I found myself frequently pausing to see the completion percentage raise from 0-100.  Players add to the game by simply exploring.  Step on environments, watch as color is restored.  It all adds to your progression.  You’ll even hear a nice change-grabbing sound with each new step. 

The whole arrangement of sounds adds to the immersion which immediately takes place.  Refunct’s music is rather soothing, complementing the goal at-hand.  This is truly an audio treat.  While the game world consists of standard shapes, everything remains nice on the eyes.  Night and day cycles around often.  Great lighting effects and an overall cleanliness that makes the landscape pop.


While short, thankfully Refunct’s length isn’t chipped away from a forced tutorial.  I happened to enjoy the training wheels-off approach.  Players are just thrown-in.  Figure out what’s happening on your own.  Certain buildings will rise from nowhere when stepping on red buttons.  This produces more platforming options.  Strategically Bounce off walls, making your way up.  Parkour moments happen, and they’re all enjoyable.  You can even adjust the field of view, which I found to be helpful.  Other tactics involve sliding under tight spots, going through pipes, and even swimming underwater very briefly.

While I did enjoy the game’s pay-off, the fact it’s over so fast with zero extras is saddening.  Perhaps a Time Trial mode to compete with friends, or a random stage generator if a sequel is to come about.  Refunct works at $2.99 because there simply isn’t anything to do afterwards.


Refunct should take players around 30 minutes to complete.  Pass the controller to anyone.  It’s absolutely Pick up and play.  Normally complaining about a lack of challenge (you can’t die at all) would be valid, but this game was intended to be viewed in a different light.  It’s more about the journey.  The way Refunct beautify immerses players is bittersweet considering the trip ends so abruptly.

Refunct Gets


3.5 out of 5


What’s Legit?

+Great Sound Design

+Satisfying Progression

What’s Perpetrating?

-Very Short

-No Replay Incentives


Review Copy Provided By Dominique Grieshofer. 

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