Neighborhorde Review: Friendship Party

Real Talk By: KJ

Fermenter Games gives us a title designed to keep people unified.  Here I am playing as a Duck, throwing basketballs at Ninjas.  Welcome to the world of Neighborhorde.  It’s all about The 4-Player Experience.  Huddling-up is actually rewarded.  Players who fight inside the “Friendzone” will have a higher success rate.  Face off against some truly insane enemy types.


This is a game of survival.  The screen fills with so many baddies, it’s easy to deviate from the gameplan.  Leaving to Revive a friend who was Knocked-out via Snowman, takes only a few moments.  However, during that time everyone could lose trying to bring the person back.  Staying together is the only way to regenerate health as well.  Computer teammates aren’t always reliable either.  We strongly recommend staying in the circle often on single player.

The first area is playable from the start, while the other three are locked-away.  Gain access with tickets.  This is Neighborhorde’s in-game currency.  Master the enemy legions on Normal.  Please note, players won’t be able to earn tickets on Easy mode.  The game even lets you know that path is for wimps.  Extra characters and weapons are some of the goodies for those willing to put the time in.


We fought off Evil Dodgeballs, Big Crusty Feet, Teleporting Aliens.  It feels like Adult Swim’s Programming Block constantly being thrown at you.  Lunch Ladies, Axe Wielding Abraham Lincolns; there’s a lot to take in.  The random nature of the game is great for a party situation.  Shuffled crazy weapons, and valuable power-ups.  Over 80 pickups in total.

For a world with so many outlandish elements, the presentation is a bit bland.  Basic in-game graphics.  More exciting visuals, louder colors would have added to the experience.  NH’s Soundtrack is synth-based, splashed with simple old school gaming sound effects.  Maybe it’s a bit too intense considering all the goofy content that dominates the game.


Neighborhorde is a fairly priced compact party title ($4.99).  Something easily worked into a night of hanging out.  Getting the most enjoyment is to have buddies on standby.  The inventive weapons, powerups, and funny enemies add to the adventure ahead.

Neighborhorde Gets


3.5 out of 5


What’s Legit?

+Great Weapons

+Useful Power Ups

What’s Perpetrating?


-A.I. Teammates


Review Copy provided by Fermenter Games

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