What’s Good? Week of 5/17/17


Big Time Releases are readily available to Gamers.  Dark Souls inspired title The Surge (PC, PS4, XO), and DC Comics’ brawler Injustice 2 (PS4, XO) are both out now.  PSVR Smash-Hit Thumper, makes its way to Nintendo Switch on 5/18/17.

E3 is just around the corner.  The lineup of games announced is already exciting enough, but what kind of surprises await? Check out our hype-list by Ms. Throwback here.

Coming to PlayLegit.Net This week:

Dragon Ball Super So Far! Our DBS Review Show returns.  Join Koerri and KJ as they cover Episodes 87-90.

KJ Reviews NBA Playgrounds. “Hey people, just here relaxing, currently waiting for Online play to be patched-in.  I believe the feature is pivotal to any modern Sports title.  I’m covering the Nintendo Switch Version.  It’s refreshing having a Jam-like experience to take wherever, but some compromises in performance apparently had to be made.  More on that shortly.”


Haggy is grabbing a copy of The Surge, and preparing to run the cyber gauntlet.

Keep your weekend open as The Comedy Cave is open for business.  Gremlik Returns for the 20th edition of The 8-Bit Troll.

Mission 3 Podcast: Sundays @ 8:30pm EST/7:30pm CT

Koerri Elijah and Crew are talking about SEGA franchises they want revived.

Be sure to subscribe so you’re notified when the show goes live.


We will continue to bring you E3 Coverage.  Mo Chocolate (Keyblade in-tow) will be at the Expo again.  His main objective is to play Kingdom Hearts III.  By any means.  Have a Powered-up week, and Stay Legit.



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