Top Gaming Soundtracks

Real Talk By: Nese005

Welcome to My Top List of Gaming Original Soundtracks.

This list is compiled of all sorts of games that are Retro, Fighters, Shooters, and others.  I tried to pick different genres to keep things fresh.  The soundtracks chosen are solely on what I enjoy listening to, so my favorites will probably differ from what you like. When picking each, I tried to think about some factors like originality, how the music affects gameplay, and even listening while not gaming.

Music throughout the short span of the gaming world has evolved so heavily.  Guys, this list was hard to compile since there are so many titles to choose from; so if you don’t see your favorites, comment below and add some for me to listen to.

10 . Mega Man X (SNES)

16-Bit music at its finest.  Who doesn’t love the robot man boy with a canon arm that uses powers from his prior foes.  What is so good about this soundtrack is that it uses a lot of computer sounds incorporated, with some flavorful riffs similar to some high-vibing guitar sounds.  The electro flare sets things off nicely.

9. Castlevania: Symphony of The Night (PS1)

The intensity and darkness the composer brings to the music of Castlevania is pure genius.  Symphony of the Night brings that eerie and creepy sound that is played by an orchestra of instruments.  It definitely has that spooky feeling that Dracula is going to “suck my blood”.

8. Halo Combat Evolved (Xbox)

Halo’s opening scene with the voices of monks gently singing “wow oh wows,” and the beating of the drums always get me pumped up to play competitively against other players.  The music gets me feeling like I have worlds to save, and covenant enemies to shoot.

7. Final Fantasy 7 (PS1) 

Of all the Final Fantasy games, this left the biggest impact on me.  I don’t generally play Final Fantasy, but I finished this game very satisfied.  Part 7 has great enemy and battle music, and characters themes are unique as well.

6. Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

One of my favorite racing series that lives up to its hype as always.  And of course GT comes packed with that piano, jazzy lounge music that one can listen to forever.  I have always loved the Gran Turismo series for their super original tracks that blend well with gameplay.

5. Street Fighter III: Third Strike 

This soundtrack has a very Tech/Hip Hop feeling I can dig.  The fresh sounds of the popish kicks and flowing rap verses makes this one of my favorite fighting soundtracks to listen to.  Each track is originally made to uniqueness with dj’s scratching and jazzy funky beats.

4. Dragon Force (Sega Saturn)

The animations that were made for Dragon Force game were stunning and gave life to each playable character.  I remember endless nights where I had the game turned on listening to the soft relaxing tracks.  The soundtracks composed beautifully for this game and I regret selling this game a few years ago because of its rarity.

3.  Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64, 3DS)

Who doesn’t love the melodies of a sweet and smooth sounding Ocarina.  The music composed has feelings for each mood the scene or level taking place. Hearing tunes like the ocarina’s song of time, high beat battle songs, and beautiful strokes of the harp from the staff roll credits.  Zelda is number three for a reason.

2. Super Smash Brothers for 3DS / Wii U

Number two on the list, we have Super Smash Brothers for 3DS/ Wii U.  The total track list is expansive, with over 15 hours involving all games that are associated with the Bros Series. I mean this game as a bonus lets you unlock and listen to the tracks while in-game mode.  Lots of good remixes for original scores like Mario, Donkey Kong, and more make this title a top contender.

1. Chrono Trigger (SNES)

On the very top of the list I have my all time favorite Chrono Trigger.  This game has been my “go-to” RPG title.  It’s The gameplay, review value, and the transcending sprite notes that fill into becoming a beautiful harmonious masterpiece. The game has a sense of soul in the music.  Each level would have a different story told and that was heavily influenced by the different tracks.  Chrono Trigger was Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and some by Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. It has been a number one hit for many people.

Honorable Mentions

1. Diablo

2. Kingdom Hearts 

3. GTA 3 

4. Goldeneye 

5. Mario Kart 8 

6. Secret of Mana (SNES)



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