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It’s that time.  The season where we come out ecstatic for upcoming releases.  Let’s break-down our E3 2017 list for you.  Titles either scheduled to appear, or stuff from the industry we want to see revealed can be found below.  Play Legit is on The lookout for some boss games.  No wannabee announcements this year please. Only The hottest.  Here we go:

Red Dead Redemption 2


Nothing quite compares to the western vibe of the Red Dead series and we miss it.  We really do.   This could be Rockstar’s most visually stunning open-world title to date.  While recently I’ve been riding my horse around the Breath of the Wild, I couldn’t help but remember the involvement and fun of the Red Dead series.

Metroid Prime 4


There is no singular title I would be more happy to see than this one.  The Metroid series pretty much fell off the map.  Nintendo has a lot to live up to considering they are now offering a paid online service.  What could show off the capabilities of the system and the online service more than a well-made first person shooter?  Speaking of first person shooters

A New Halo


It appears 343 won’t be showing Halo 6 at E3 2017.  Well, how about another spin-off? Bring back ODST.  Why not?  Let’s expand on the squad tactics, and limitations of Non-Spartan players.  Talk about a potentially-challenging game.  This could be what The Franchise needs, while we wait for Chief’s return.

God of War


Again, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t bust this one out.  GoW could be the highlight of the whole show as far as I’m concerned.  PlayStation needs a big boost, and Kratos is just the answer.  Seeing our hero in a new story-line, with top of the industry visuals, would be a refreshing change for the next year.



Bring back the Toads!  They don’t call me Ms. Throwback for nothing.  The only thing I worry about with these classic series rehashes is that they base the game on nostalgia only, and don’t put a lot of effort into the experience.  We want this title, but we want it done right.  It worked for Killer Instinct.

Microsoft Hololens


Of course, E3 isn’t just about the software.  The Hololens has promised a mixed reality holographic experience.  This can be used in practical applications such as 3D printing ideas, engineering, and architectural applications.  It could also be used in some pretty rad gaming concepts.  Show us.

Days Gone


Being a fan of the survival horror genre that has kind of fallen by the wayside the last few years, I am excited to see the announcement for PlayStation’s Days Gone.  It’s open world, the visuals look wonderful.  So as long as the story line has some spice and depth, we should expect this title to be a success.

Super Mario Odyssey


The newest Mario game for the Switch has already been announced but we need more info at E3.  This could be the most exciting title they have coming but how does it play? Super Mario Sunshine fans everywhere rejoice, this might be your answer on steroids.

Star Wars: Battlefront II


We know EA is going to bring us updated sports titles but what about Battlefront?   There was a recent reboot, but besides that it’s been thirteen years since the release of the first Battlefront game.  Star Wars is in full swing and it’s time to stop holding back.  Load it up with the features we remember.  Make any extra content worthwhile.

Switch DLC


Specifically for Zelda, and a Mega Map DLC for Mario Kart 8.  The basics are in place for them to turn out high-quality DLC to the games we already love.  There is a lot of play still left out of these titles.  Make them count while they are still relevant.

With the new hardware and advancement of tech overall, there is no limit to our excitement.  Let’s just hope the developers have been working hand and foot on the games we want to see most.  It’s time for the most intense E3 to date.




When it comes to video games I've played a good many. My first system was a Super Nintendo at the age of 8 and I never looked back. Well, let me take that back, I did look back, to atari, NES, Famicom, and the rest of the systems I had missed. I became a gaming freak of nature, later working as a manager of a video game store, Game Crazy for four years. I spent my entire time there playing every current game that came through the doors and every classic game I had missed. I'm absolutely sure a good portion of my brains memory banks are taken up with the gameplay of thousands of video games and I wouldn't have it any other way. a good video game could take away all the stresses of my day and I have to say that I love being in the minority of female gamers too. It's a lot of fun to enjoy everything from Animal Crossing to Mass Effect and I'm always looking forward to what the future of gaming has in store. BRING ON THE VIRTUAL REALITY! :)

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