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I’ve always appreciated the idea of making collection titles like this.  It’s a nice way of keeping older games in the minds of fans, making sure there’s always an easier way to play. For example if you no longer have a Nintendo Entertainment System, this works out great. Nintendo, had the right idea with the Virtual Console, but many studios and productions don’t have the luxury of their own consoles, so you tend to get games like the Disney Afternoon Collection.

The Games are just as good as you remembered, if a little clunky with Duck Tails 1. In The Disney Afternoon Collection We’re getting Duck Tails 1 and 2, Chip and Dale 1 and 2, Tail Spin, and Darkwing Duck.  At $20, the sheer value here is almost unreal. With added modes/functionality this is a recommendation, even if you weren’t a fan already.

More on that later, because the main thing about collection series like this is functionality.  Some of these collections struggle with carrying over the bad design of the game(s) they’re trying to emulate.  Thankfully, I haven’t experienced any crashing or glitches in my play-through, and with lighting fast loading and good frame rates, I can only say that the games are updated nicely save for some inherent quirks (Like Scrooge McDuck swinging only when there’s something to swing against).

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However, this Collection does one better than most.  Players will find pieces of the games’ history, concept arts, sound tracks, and all manner of extras included with each.  A New Boss Rush and Time Trial mode has been added to every title  There are even leader boards and opportunities to race other players.

The Disney Afternoon Collection is a collection game done right.  It adds plenty to the entire experience, bringing functionality to old games.  Best of all it lets us have an ability to keep playing without all the problems of aging hardware.

The Disney Afternoon Collection Gets

4 out of 5

What’s Legit?

+The Added Game Modes are Welcomed

+The Games are Still good

+The Extra Content Helps You Appreciate the Work Put Into These Games

What’s Perpetrating?

-Some Inherent Clunkiness Remains

-When Playing the Games, There is Empty Screen Space Around It.



After changing majors from Education to Game Development, I started to really get into the mechanics and design choices of games. Soon, I developed a massive respect for gaming of all types, whether it's digital, table-top, or even extremely rudimentary. Gaming has been a past-time for ages and every facet of it has things to learn from. Hopefully one day I'll be able to take what I've learned and even teach the next aspiring Game Developer a thing or two.

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