Nintendo Direct 4/12/17 Highlight Videos

We were treated to a video of solid-looking 3DS titles.  Clips included multiple Kirby adventures celebrating his 25th anniversary.  Another notable reveal was of a new 2D-angled Pikmin game.  Big information about Arms and Splatoon 2 ahead.  In Arms, players can mix and match gloves, taking advantage of special powers.  We learned that kicking attacks are possible when the enemy is in range.  But, the biggest takeaway would be the fact Arms (June 16th, 2017) allows for 2 on 2 simultaneous gameplay.  This is really going to make things interesting knowing Online versus had already been confirmed.  Oh, and Yellow Joycons will launch with the game.  Splatoon 2 (July 21st, 2017) will have a 4 player survival coop type mode.  Check out the videos below for more.

3DS Titles


Splatoon 2

With E3 looming in the background, what other surprises does Nintendo have in store?

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