The Warriors All-Star Game

Warriors from Dynasty and Samurai, will meet in one mysterious world.  Expect legacy characters such as Zhao Yun, and Yukimura Sanada to lead the charge.  Koei is branching out even further.  Joining them will be Horo and Oka from Toukiden, Sophie from Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.  PS4’s hit among critics Nioh, will be represented as William joins the team.  Let’s not leave out Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi (Dead or Alive). Warriors Orochi 3 felt like an All-Star Mash-Up in its own right.  How will Warriors All-Stars fare against it? Also, any characters you would like to see make the roster?


“Warriors All-Stars begins in a mysterious land brought to the brink of destruction when a magical spring, the source of its power, dries up after its king’s passing. Following a legend that calls for the summoning of champions from other realms in times of dire need, the young princess Tamaki performs a ritual that goes horribly wrong when her powers spiral out of control, scattering the heroes across the domain. Emboldened to restore peace to the world, Tamaki must recruit the best and strongest among these visitors to revitalize the spring – and crown the land’s savior as its new ruler.”

Warriors All-Stars comes to PS4 and PC on August 29, 2017.


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