‘PAPRIUM’ Kicks it Into Mega-Drive

You ever stop and think about games of old?  Titles with bonkers plot lines, outrageous advertisements, all set in post-apocalyptic worlds?

Well, Think no more!  WaterMelon Games is developing throwback magic in PAPRIUM+, A Beat-em-up coming to a very-special system.  It was built… For the Sega Mega Drive!

Features include: an 80-MEG Cartridge, +24 Levels, +5 Playable Characters, Uncompromising 60fps, 16-bit Visuals, and a soundtrack that will melt your face ears! The Grandstick III Game Pad will add even-more to the retro arcade experience Watermelon is bringing.

Throw in some Multiplayer, multiple saves, game modes, and you can count me excited for September! For more info hit paprium.com/ right now!

#PAPRIUM @PlayLegit


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