‘PAPRIUM’ Kicks it Into Mega-Drive

You ever stop and think about games of old?  Titles with bonkers plot lines, outrageous advertisements, all set in post-apocalyptic worlds?

Well, Think no more!  WaterMelon Games is developing throwback magic in PAPRIUM+, A Beat-em-up coming to a very-special system.  It was built… For the Sega Mega Drive!

Features include: an 80-MEG Cartridge, +24 Levels, +5 Playable Characters, Uncompromising 60fps, 16-bit Visuals, and a soundtrack that will melt your face ears! The Grandstick III Game Pad will add even-more to the retro arcade experience Watermelon is bringing.

Throw in some Multiplayer, multiple saves, game modes, and you can count me excited for September! For more info hit right now!

#PAPRIUM @PlayLegit



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