The Legend of Zelda: Throwback Wish List

The following list of ideas is from 2010.  This is what Ms. Throwback and Zombie Zac wanted back-then from The Zelda series.  Skyward Sword was looming, and this would spark the brainstorming.  Now in 2017, Breath of The Wild has finally hit store shelves on both Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Folks who have been playing the latest adventure may notice a few requests made below, have now been met.zelda1

1. Get rid of heart pieces, jars, and random treasure chests, add more save slots and ramp up the difficulty.

2. Implement “Trial System” in place of character progression/item obtaining.

3. Puzzles should be based around logical “real world” level obstructions.

4. The story line could use a different direction other than Zelda being captured.

5. Time should not be frozen in towns and more things in-game should be time sensitive.

6. Items should be context sensitive and have multiple purposes, and combining them should play a larger role.

7. Little or no HUD (health would be displayed visually by Link), w/ a map that can be toggled on/off.

8. Rupees should be obtained by objects/people who would actually have them (not under rocks and by cutting grass). Health obtained by real world objects.

9. Each boss battle should help develop abilities for Link, with each forthcoming one expanding upon the previous and no design should be repeated.

10. Story branches with multiple endings and the game when finished should give the option to save, replay cinematics and offer a higher difficulty setting. Trial System explained: The “Trial System” is a method in which Link matures. This includes health upgrades, abilities, and items. Each trial, whether in a cave, dungeon or overworld, would present a different hurdle for Link to overcome resulting in a new ability, or item to be mastered which would be then used for the duration of the game.

Anything extra you would add to The Legend of Zelda Series?

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