Is 2017 The Year of Platformers?

The Mission is Starting:

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1. Is 2017 The Year of Platformers? This discussion gets real.

2. Outstanding Games that have stood The Test of Time

3. Ultimate Tekken 7 Hype

New Series “Mission 3” features Three Participants, and Three Goals. Can Koerri, KJ, and Knowledge complete the mission?

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One thought on “Is 2017 The Year of Platformers?

  1. I hope it’s a year of platformers. Over the last few years it’s been something of a resurgence. Not all of them good, but certainly many of them have been quite good games. Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, VVVVVV, Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy, Freedom Planet, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Kirby games, the Shantae games, have all been excellent. Wouldn’t mind seeing the trend continue.

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