Sphere Complex Review: Rolling Fun

Real Talk By: T-42

It’s not often a puzzle game comes along and peaks my interest, but when it does I get sucked in for many hours.  Sphere Complex is one such game.  It had me from the beginning. Built in the Unreal Engine 4, Sphere Complex is a beautiful game and has a great physics system. The focus of the game is to navigate your ball through the map as fast and as accurate as possible. What is nice is the game gives you multiple tries to complete each map. Depending on how fast players finish will determine what medal they receive.  Often I was getting Bronze, but I did to get Platinum a few times.

Sphere Complex is a very simple game, yet the puzzles have a level of complexity to them.  They’re designed to keep you trying often to complete each map.  Unless you get a certain minimum time you can’t advance, which keeps the game fresh. Also to top all that off, SC has multiplayer.  Three modes are included.  Race, Sphere League, and Battle, each with their own 3 and play style.  It can be played online or via LAN. I see this being a fun one at local LAN parties and tournament events.

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Let’s talk about level design.  As the game starts, it is simple and gives you the basics.  However, as the game goes on each level adds more obstacles tricking players, fooling you.  Giving false hope.  With some maps timing is everything.  For example, when in mid-air, do you use boost jump to get the extra jolt reaching the other side? A major part of Sphere Complex is to learning the maps.

This game is simple, yet fun.  Relaxing, yet complex.  Long as the developers keep adding more content such as maps, or let the community make maps, I see this game lasting a long time.  The only thing I see that is lacking, are game modes.  Hard to imagine what they could be at first glance, but even a capture the flag element would surly make this game interesting.  From game design and function, to puzzle complexity and controls this game does what it does, and does it well!

Sphere Complex Gets


5 out of 5

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2 thoughts on “Sphere Complex Review: Rolling Fun

  1. Great post! This games looks awesome as I love puzzle and strategy games just as much as your RPG and Shooters. I see that they have a rocket league type mode which could be fun so I am happy multiplayer online is an option. If peggle can have gamers playing for hours, I don’t see why Sphere Complex can’t either! Thanks for the insight!

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