Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review: New and Old

Real Talk By: Haggy

First off, let me start with naming conventions in gaming.  Normally what irks me is when a gaming franchise names their newest adaptations as if it was the first one.  However, Resident Evil/Biohazard is a unique situation as it’s due to localization issues.  Still, when a game is marketed on steam as “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard / Biohazard 7: Resident Evil” It’s a bit of a mouthful.

Anyways onto the game itself.  RE7 is a game set in the rural Bayou in Louisiana, a place not often visited in gaming, but when it happens, it’s somehow related to zombies. With the plot focused around Ethan, going after his girlfriend after 3 years after a strange, mysterious message gets to him.  As soon as he gets there, things begin to go from bad, to absolutely insane as the family that runs the place are not only supernatural, but deadly.  Interesting premise indeed, but let’s go through the play by plays.


First and foremost, the story.  Now as this is an extremely story oriented game, I won’t go into details.  However RE7 does do a great job of setting up terror, unpleasantness, paranoia, and a sense of twisted horror that hasn’t been with the RE series for a while.  The backdrop does a great job at adding to these feelings which leaves the game unnerving even after you stop playing.

Next, we move onto the visuals.  The graphic fidelity is… weird.  In some parts it’s just fine and looks quite suitable to the environment, like when you pick up and manipulate objects.  However, Some character models are, in my opinion literally, uncanny.  Simply look up the definition of the Uncanny Valley for my opinion on that, but otherwise, the graphics are suitable.


The Gameplay isn’t really much to talk about.  Sure it’s intuitive and it gets the job done, but it’s nothing truly spectacular.  It harks back to Outlast, and other horror games around that time but aside from that it isn’t particularly excellent, just adequate.

In closing, RE7 is a step in the right direction for the series.  It is truly a good work in making a story scare you, with the delightful complete insane twists that would come up every now and again that would make an otherwise boring horror story rather strange indeed.  The problems are minor, and it’s not the best, but it is still an enthralling experience even if you’re not into horror games.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gets


3.5 out of 5

What’s Legit?

+The Story is Immediately Enthralling and I Wanted to Explore It.

+When it isn’t Scary, It’s Just Creepy, Constantly.

+I Personally Had Few Problems Running This Game.

What’s Perpetrating?

-Some of the Models and Characters Don’t Look Like They Belong.

-Some Puzzles and Challenges Don’t Make Sense.

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10 thoughts on “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review: New and Old

  1. As a survival horror game, it definitely takes the fear factor to a new level and i admire the developers choice for it. The creepiness works without being too overdone and so far into the gameplay it’s got a well constructed story which I hope won’t be disappointing. I do agree that the graphics are a little strange at times abit waxy and very odd placing of puzzles I felt but it doesn’t take away from the atmosphere.

    Oh and “welcome to the family”

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