Total War: Warhammer Review: One Big WAAAGH!-athon

Real Talk By: Haggy

Total War: Warhammer is the latest grand strategy game to come from the Creative Assembly and the Total War team in a long, and sometimes bad, line of games.  However, this one is not only extremely well made, but instead of pulling from historical time periods, this game is based on the Warhammer Fantasy universe of Games Workshop.  With such a different universe with so many wonderful creatures, the team that was fresh off of making Alien: Isolation decided to take on what might have been the most ambitious strategy game yet.  Did they succeed?

In a word, yes.  From beginning to end this game is flooded with attention to detail, with extremely-good design decisions.  The first thing the player will note however is the style, art, and looks of the game.  This game (Despite some situations of being locked to 30 FPS, which I personally don’t mind but whatever) looks absolutely gorgeous.  Especially if you have the computer to run it at higher specs.  From the nicely detailed campaign map, to the utterly jaw dropping massive battles this series is known for, you’ll find yourself immersed in the action even without the well laid out UI.


Speaking of those massive battles though, Total War games are usually made up of a grand campaign map where you move armies and manage settlements, broken up by when armies clash and you, the player, controls the thousands of Men, Orcs, Zombies, etc. going against the opposing force.  With multiple objectives based off what faction you picked, this game offers unique campaign and military choices that can keep you on your toes when dealing with the AI.  After all, it’s not everyday where I order my troops to raid my own settlement, and actually needed to do that!

With content constantly being added in the form of new races to the campaign, and specific, smaller campaigns as well, this will be a game CA will be working on and improving for years to come.  However with this new content comes a bit of controversy.  The Price for these expansions, even if it only adds one faction, is $20.  A lot of people think that is unfair, even though with each update the creatures still appear in your campaign and you only need to buy them to play them.  I can understand this as $20 is a lot for a little, but with all the attention to detail added (And the Warhammer universe has about 20+ races for them to go through) I can actually see this being worth it as one would theoretically only buy the races they want.


With that still however, TW:W is a fantastic RTS and is in my opinion the best Total War game CA has ever made (Except maybe Rome: Total War, though that might just be nostalgia talking).  I thoroughly recommend TWW, and completely understand how it won our PC Game of 2016!

Total War: Warhammer gets


4 out of 5

What’s Legit?

+Excellent Visuals

+Very Fun Strategy With Diverse Factions

+More is Being Added Constantly

What’s Perpetrating?

-Despite Being Worth It, DLC Pricing is Still Expensive

-Content is Added Slowly Because of Attention to Detail

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