Felix The Cat Retro Review (NES)

Real Talk By: Nese005

This review is going way back into 90’s culture, when gaming was new and fresh. I am going to be talking about the very crazy and fun game Felix The Cat for the Nintendo platform. This game brings back so many memories from my childhood. This is one of the best 2D side-scrollers that can easily be compared to Adventure Island, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Brothers, and many greats. The great cartoon was created back in 1919! This cat is cool and friendly that always seems to be in some type of rescue mission or action packed scenario trying to save his girl, Kitty.

Just like most great stories. Felix is on the mission to save Kitty all over the world from the Great Plains, Icy Mountains, and Egypt Great Pyramids. To help him on the adventure, he has his trusty yellow Louis Vuitton looking bag (quite fancy I must say) that transforms into crazy stuff for him to fight off the bad guys. The list of things he transforms into according to the level.


  1. Magician: Looking sharp in his black tuxedo, he has projectile stars that acts as a shield.
  2. Car: A super dope ride that has the honker shooting out blasts of sound waves to the enemies.
  3. Tank: A heavy-duty machine that shoots up into the air and down blasting bad guys.
  4. Canoe: Felix rows his canoe, while his bag projects a boxing glove. A one-two combo.
  5. Hot Air Balloon: One of the starting up powers that Felix has, he is in a hot air balloon shooting discs of fury onto his enemies.
  6. Airplane: I really love this power up because the plane is fast, mobile, and shoots rapidly.
  7. Ride a dolphin: The Dolphin has projectiles of sound coming from his mouth.
  8. Submarine: Underwater level that has Felix in a submarine.


There are coins (milk bottles) that Felix must obtain to keep each level of his power the same, if he doesn’t, then the power drops down to the next one and eventually Felix can die if no power ups or milk is collected! There are regions that represent a certain part of the Earth and each region has sub levels that Felix must pass through. At the end of each, the cool cat has to fight off the boss!

This title consists of 9 worlds having 3 sublevels in each of them! Felix is highly addicting and I remember playing it over and over since the fun factor and power ups were such a gift from God. (Early Nintendo games weren’t that advances and the graphics looked like crap). Felix is one of my favorite retro games. If you looking for a mario/ Donkey Kong type fun factor! Then play FELIX!!!

Conclusion : Playing this game always reminds me of my past childhood and I recocomend everybody to play this. But the game bosses could have been a little bit more challenging and the length of a game leaves me bit unsatisfied. Another thing that I wish it had was a more challenging learning curve so I could get more out of it. And lastly, I wish there were secret levels and items to make it worthwhile. But all in all this game is great!

Felix The Cat Gets


3.5 out of 5


What’s Legit?

+Great Graphics for NES

+Sounds and animation

+High Fun Factor

What’s Perpetrating?

-Very short game (less than an hour to complete)

– Boss levels were unsatisfying.

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