Batman: The Telltale Series Review: A Season of Choices

Real Talk By: KJ

Season 1 Review

Telltale’s superb Walking Dead stories are still in my mind, and I patiently wait for season 3 to be fully distributed.  During this intermission, I leaned towards another title.  TT would link-up with DC Comics to give us their version of Batman.  Could The Dark Knight themed outing stand-up to the others? In a game built 100% around plot, one would certainly need strong voice acting.

When the game begins you’re pumped, and-in Batman mode because of its presentation.  The music feels like a rendition of The Nolan Movie Soundtracks.  Sleek Comic book visuals, with characters given a sketch-drawn overlay.  This version of the Batsuit has to be one of my favorite designs, and would love to see it as an unlock in other games.  Injustice 2?

Troy Baker voices Bruce Wayne and Batman.  This was a great choice.  Baker delivers lines with the Batman intensity, and the calmer vibe needed for Wayne.  Well, the tone really depends on player choice.  Will you push the boundaries? Crucial decisions indeed.  Decisions will be felt throughout the season.  Some actions are traditional, while others lean towards Batfleck’s way of doing things.  Straying off-the-path leads to some interesting dialogue.


Most action segments are quick time fests.  Common prompts include: face buttons for attacking, or moving the control stick in a direction to avoid enemy strikes.  This is starting to feel dated.  Telltale should think about making these segments more hands-on.  The scenes would be just as good without having any control over them.  During many action spots the game will stutter, or take a bit to load.  Some odd glitches pop-up.  For example, In one scene Bruce’s head was turned in an exorcist-style position.  This happened on my second play through.  A bit awkward since he was speaking with Gordon over a crucial story element.

Periodically the game will let you Plan attacks.  This feels authentic.  Should I takeout a thug directly, or land on him from above? Batman would work in such a tactical fashion, and seeing it all take place is satisfying.  For future games, make the audience pay for miscalculations.  Pipe-up the difficulty because this is certainly a great start.  Along with getting my sleuth-on, this was easily my favorite aspect of season one.


Finding information on perps.  Pulling up files, manipulating intel.  If someone could blend the detective work in this title with the combat of the Rocksteady series, The result would be The best Batman game ever. The 90’s Animated series vibes were strongly felt.

Notable changes include the evolution of Penguin (played by Jason Spisak).  This choice may throw some off-guard but I rather enjoyed it.  In Telltale’s version Cobblepot is your childhood friend.  Other differences include Bruce’s connection to his family which changes the scope entirely.  This story felt fresh, yet true to the IP. A familar theme that worked here, was the undeniable connection between Batman and Catwoman (Laura Bailey).  Their wobbly relationship translates well to this title.

The story builds strongly.  Sadly it leads towards a finale that felt rather generic.  A climatic ending we’ve seen in many stories before.  We take on an enemy that at first contained depth, but was sadly de-valued.  Somewhat of let down since the story (as a whole) is truly engaging.

Far as extras go, check out developer videos from the menu screen. The deepest customization here, is that players can change the color of Batman’s tech. That’s it.  Certainly would have been nice to unlock classic suits, tougher difficulties. This was a missed opportunity.

Batman: The Telltale Series introduces us to a fresh story with re-imagined characters, and dazzling choreography. By far the darkest game i’ve seen from this hero.  The M rating is earned.  Bruce learns more about his heritage than he ever wanted to know.  We’ll learn what kind of symbol Batman is to Gotham.  Buy this title with a moviegoers attitude.  Check out Season One at a price tag to match that mindset.  The story deserves your time.

Batman: The Telltale Series Gets


3.5 out of 5


What’s Legit?

+Top Flight Acting

+Solid Story

+Great Soundtrack

+Detective Mode

What’s Perpetrating?

-Some Gameplay Elements Feel Outdated

-Loading issues ruins pacing

-Lacking Replay Value

-Where’s The Extras?

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