The Coin-Op Question: What Are Your Favorite Games of 2016?

The year is almost over and our Best of 2016 Voting Ballot is on the way.  We wanted to hear from you first. What are your favorite games played? Pokemon GO pulled casual and non-casual fans out- of-the-house, and literally into the wild. Final Fantasy XV has hit the streets! It’s true. Uncharted 4 dropped jaws with its amazing visuals and memorable storyline. Overwatch gave Blizzard another certified hit, bringing characters people enjoy, and gameplay that is sure to last. We can’t forget about the indie scene.  Many of the more-popular titles centered around themes of survival. Lots of quality games from the 16, but let’s break it down.

The Coin-Op Question: What Are Your Favorite Games of 2016?


Categories last year included Best Indie and:

Best Family
Fighting Game
Funniest Game
Best Reload (Remaster)
Best Add-On
Best Couch Multiplayer
Best Online Multiplayer
Wildcard (Underrated/Overlooked)
Best Graphics
Wii U
Xbox One
Best Actor
Best Actress
Biggest Disappointment
Game of The Year

7 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: What Are Your Favorite Games of 2016?

  1. I’ve already dropped my top 10 games of the year over on my blog. Don’t I remember every choice, but I can name the top 5 :).

    Pokemon Sun/Moon
    Xcom 2
    Dark Souls III
    Salt and Sanctuary
    Civilization VI

    If you’ve never played Salt and Sanctuary I highly recommend it. You don’t find too many local co op games inspired by Castlevania, and Dark Souls.

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  2. In January I have the unenviable task of deciding who will go into my top five games of 2016. Right now I would say that Bravely Default 2, Fire Emblem Fates and Zero Time Dilemma are candidates for that list. It’s been a good year for handhelds.

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  3. There’s still so many 2016 releases I haven’t played that I actually want to, but so far my favorites are Doom, Inside, Final Fantasy XV, Oxenfree, Firewatch, Risk of Rain (new to Vita, anyway), Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax, Titanfall 2, and the CoD Infinite Warfare campaign.

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  4. Lots of great games this year. I still have some I’m working on completing, but Uncharted 4, Titanfall 2 and Doom jump to my mind first. I think once I finish The Last Guardian, it will join that group. Really digging it so far.

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