Diss or Download: Moving on Up

Real Talk By: KJ

Both Memory Match & Catch/High Risers are “free”, but are they worth your time? Another edition of Diss or Download boots-up.

Memory Match & Catch (iOS/Android)


Like the title suggests, here is a game that will put your memorization skills to work.  Squares must be paired together.  Try doing so at a fast pace, without mistakes.   Squish Studios made sure to keep areas interesting.  Some of the Far-out locations include Jungle areas, Winter spots, and even Outer Space zones.  I find that similar titles just repeat stages and music.  Not with Memory M&C.

As you progress the amount of shapes greatly increase.  In story mode players start with three lives.  Players get more chances on harder levels to accommodate the bigger grids.  If a loss happens, you could watch a commercial to try again without restarting.  This should be the only time they come up, but there’s still more.  Hopefully this will be addressed in the future.  Good news, you can pick this up for $2.99 with ads removed.  That’s a comfortable price-point.  Due to the overall presentation of the game, I would recommend this primarily for children.  However, the later levels will certainly challenge adults.  There’s over 170 unique images in Memory Match and Catch, can you grab them all? That gives players another incentive to replay levels, and test their brainpower.  Round-up the family for this one.


High Risers (iOS/Android)


A Businessperson of your choosing must ascend to the top.  Control the character with a perfectly-timed screen press.  Tapping causes the person to jump up.  Hopping to a floor with walls automatically bumps the character from right to left upon collision (or in reverse).  If there’s no wall then the player must quickly tap the screen again to jump to the next floor.  Since gameplay is so speedy, it’s very enticing to mash the button.  Continues are triggered by watching an add, or using in-game gold (50 pieces).  Other characters unlock, along with level templates.  Even without spending a dime, Kumobius’ High Risers gets the job done.  Quick arcade fun awaits, with some tough narrowing obstacles as the game pushes on.


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