The Coin-Op Question: Switch or Not?

Nintendo Switch was revealed.  We have the current info you need.  I’m excited to play, but there are still unanswered questions.  Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 were shown in the montage video, but have yet to be confirmed as Switch titles.  So What games exactly will Switch have at launch?  How about the Battery Life?  One would expect it to last, since portability is the selling point.  Hopefully this is true.  Virtual Console interactivity?  Let’s link our previously owned titles (for free this time).  While waiting in-between games, this would give fans something to work with.  All we can do is hope Nintendo delivers with a competitive system, a realistic price point.

The Coin-Op Question: Switch or Not?


Real Talk By: KJ

Question Posed By: Vex

3 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Switch or Not?

  1. I grew up with Nintendo consoles, so it pains me to see how out of touch they’ve been lately. I do hope the Switch delivers, since the thought of playing something meaty like Skyrim at home AND on the go seems too good to be true. Battery life is a big issue, third party support is an even bigger one. The Wii U proved to me that I can’t sit idly by waiting for the next big Nintendo release, because by the time they finally do come out I’m already buried up to my eyeballs with PS4 and Xbox One games. I also already have a vast library of games to play on my 3DS and Vita, so I’m just not sure where the Switch would fit in when I can barely finish those as it is.

    If they get the third party support, bringing in games like Call of Duty, Red Dead 2, Destiny 2, or NBA 2K, the fact that fans can play those games on the go should be enough of a selling point to draw in consumers. But right now I’m just cautiously optimistic. I want it to do well, but I’ve just kind of lost faith in Nintendo when it comes to home consoles.

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  2. I always end up getting Nintendo consoles, mostly for the first-party titles, so I’m sure that will be the case here. But when will depend on the answers to some of the questions I still have about the system. I mainly want to know how soon new games will be coming as I’m expecting a lot of Wii U ports early. I’m already a little miffed at how quickly they moved on from supporting the Wii U, so giving me those games again wouldn’t entice me into buying into the Switch early. I’m looking forward to their next presentation to see what is in store on the system from a software standpoint. I liked the first video well enough though.

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