Play Legit @ The GDEX 2016

img_4495 Expo Time

Play Legit will be attending Ohio’s Premiere Gaming Expo known as The GDEX.  Our crew has a Booth reserved.  We will be giving PL swag to the people who stop by (while supplies last).  Scheduled members to be in attendance: Cmack The Don, Hec G, Jason Johns, KJ, Ms. Throwback, Nese005, Rickayyy, and Slap on Titan director Tom Andre.  Come chat with us.  Last year we had highlight titles such as Mario Kart 64, and even Crazy Taxi.  Expect some popular classics at our booth, and some you may have overlooked.

8-Bit Universe

In our space, Gamers will hear awesome sounds provided by 8-Bit Universe.  This group takes Old/New School Jams, giving them an 8-bit sound.  Ever wondered what Billie Jean sounds like in this format? Or even the main theme of Halo? No genre seems to go untouched.  Here is some of their work:

Games, Games, Games

Tons of great titles (Mainstream and Indie) will be playable on the Show Floor.  Some of which will be making their debut.  Gaming Tournaments will be held also.  The event is taking place inside COSI: Columbus, Ohio’s Dynamic Center of Science and Industry. One of the biggest science facilities in the United States.  Plenty o things to see and do.

What special items are we giving away at this years event? Come to the expo October 29th, 30th, 2016. For those who cannot make it, we will provide coverage all over social media.  For Complete GDEX info: Click Here.


Drop Knowledge

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