8-Bit Troll: Stage 17 “Space Debates”

Gremlik here.  Goober and I shut off the Presidential Debate between Nasal Nose and Clinton. Our argument became way more heated and important. This dufus claims that Power Rangers in Space is better than Biker Mice from Mars. That sir is wildly incorrect! You needed 5 rangers and a big dumb robot to get things done. Boring.  The Super Nintendo Biker Mice game was too awesome. Even better with a Multitap. We used to get everyone in the cave racing.  He’s wrong, I’m right. Believe it!

AD: Titanfall 2: Deluxe West Coast Edition

Limousine Tinted Windows, featuring Decals deemed “Too cool for school”.  In-titan West Coast Rap Jams, and Gold Chains galore.  Every copy purchased enters you for a chance to have dinner with Xzibit.  Pre-order now. $289.99 exclusively at K-Mart.

Gilmore Girls Telltale Adventures Announced


Step aside Batman and Walking Dead, make room for the Queens of Entertainment.  Telltale’s Gilmore Girls Episode 1: “The More The Merrier” adds you as the third girl.  Uncover capers deep in the rough streets of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Veteran Gilmore “Rory” attends Yale university.  The next day is her graduation.  Unfortunately in the bliss of youthful shenanigans, Rory got W.G.W. It’s up to player controlled character “Sistina” and Chef “Sookie” to put this pickle back in the jar, before her mom “Lorelai” finds out.  Keeping up appearances is your goal. Each episode will change the starting lineup, but expect the same giddy goodness fans have grown to expect.

Episode 2: “Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days” DLC pack expected in January 2019.  Rated M for Mature “light drug use and suggestive themes”.

“Survey Lords: Masters of Critiquing” Coming To Wii U


Get ready for the magical survey-taking experience you’ve always wanted.  Loosely based on a J.K. Rowling idea, Survey Lords will change the way players take surveys.  Expect daily/dazzling questionnaires.  Fill-out inquires from fine establishments such as: The Olive Garden, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and even Lady Foot Locker.  See other people’s answers to hard-hitting questions in real-time.  Just another hot title in Nintendo’s loaded 2016 winter lineup. Make magic happen.  “Change is in the palm of your hand!


“Don’t hate.”

Gremlik’s Recommendations: Gimme A Break! The Complete Series (1981-1987)


My attention span usually wont allow me to commit to a full series, But I’ll make an exception for Gimme A Break. 18 disks of heaven in this set. Hey kids, If you wanna see Joey Lawrence at his best check out season 3. He had some great one liners. As always Nell Carter brought the Effin heat.  Here are key episodes you better watch:

S1: Episode 5 “Do or Diet”  Nell joins a weight loss program named “Porko” with her boss.  This inspired me to make a temporary change in my life, till i discovered the magic of Liver and Onions.

S2: Episode 19 “Grandpa Robs a Bank”  Grandpa was just minding his own business trying to get a loan from the bank. Communication is key,  I learned that in this episode.  He was accidentally mistaken for a bank robber. This episode took a thrilling turn, I was at the edge of my seat.

S3: Episode 15 “Knock Three Times”  Be careful of who you share your dirty laundry to.  Nell was telling her secrets after she being hypnotized,  I had this happen when i went to a magic show.  I never want to put my friendship on the line again.  I find no joy in biting my friends (unless your Goober of course).

Gimme A Break! should not only be on Netflix, but also one of the featured programs soon as the app boots-up. Get this, and tell them Gremlik sent you.

NBA 2K Kobe Legend Edition Review


My burrito salesman told me to pick up the new NBA 2K with Kobe Bryant on the cover.  Apparently it’s “lit”.  So that’s what i did. I love that they got rid of those VC coins since I thought that was a cheap addition to the franchise. However, they removed the story mode. What’s up with that, No Spike lee? I Loved “Do The Right Thing” because I often don’t.  The gameplay still feels like 2K, but man the graphics took a hit.

Oddly enough it’ll only work on my 360. I’m not getting that. I’m not getting it! What would’ve salvaged this, like everything else is a little bit of Jordan. He too was missing from 2K17. Why ruin a good thing by putting together something that feels like 2010 and dated? Why not improve on what they’ve done before.  A.I. would be P’oed. Kobe Bryant deserved a better send-off in my opinion.

NBA 2K17 Gets 3 Snots out of 7


The Last Guardian Delay Explained


Sony has tried to release The Last Guardian many times, but is caught in legal limbo with Taco Bell.  Reliable Sources claim TLG has been finished for 5 years.  “No Dy-lan pun intended, but we’re sitting on hot fire here.  We just wanted to help out a delicious food chain, and push the industry into an epic cross-promotion.  The stunning resemblance between both huggable creatures isn’t a coincidence.” -Jeff Springer, Sony Rep.

Okay we’re taking a poll. Vote for Biker Mars and Stop Having Fun!

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