LASTFIGHT Review: New Powers

Real Talk By: KJ

A familiar style of play returns.  One that has been absent for far too long.  Last Fight was designed for fans of Power Stone in-mind.  Since Capcom refuses to give us a follow-up, the indie squad at Piranaking has stepped up.

Characters are loosely based off a comic book titled LASTMAN.  Expect loud visuals, with rich colors fitting of that world, and gameplay.  The 10 characters have simple combos, and heavy attacks.  Combine them, use the stage weapons to your advantage.  Players can block, a bubble shield surrounds the character similar to Smash Bros.  There’s a dash move as well.  I found both to be very useful in conjunction.  Since the computer isn’t shy about using items, quick dashing around them helps.  I enjoyed that many objects were stage exclusive.  This makes visiting the 8 levels more exciting.  Throw Dinosaur Bones at people in one area (they inflict major damage). When playing in the office stage, use the 80’s phone, call for a devastating attack.

This is where LastFight shines. The power of four.

Story mode sees players choosing from either Richard or Duke, defeating the remaining cast members in sequential order.  Images and text show the plot of Lastfight.  Battle drugged up foes, and survive the odd AI.  Players won’t be able to adjust the difficulty.  How the computer behaves will not resonate with most.  Early fights begin incredibly easy.  Later, the AI fights up close, then runs off to collect items.  Chasing after enemies gets old.  If this fighter is to remain local-only, more work should have been put into this part.  The goal is to grab key items needed to transform into one of four Death Dealers.  Players turn into a nearly unstoppable force, equipped with abilities doing super damage.  Transformations are not character exclusive, still fun while the power lasts.

The story will take 30 minutes tops to complete.  The rest of Lastfight relies on friends.  Versus modes allow for various matchups. 2v2, free for all.  Get a room of trash talkers for the best experience possible.  A bonus event makes it so only pinballs deal damage.  Like power stone, hitting the grab button perfectly lets the other player catch the object being thrown.  Nailing the timing right certainly helps in pinball.

Trap character in bubble, run for the items. Wash, rinse, repeat.

In Ranked, challenge mock-up user names, climb the fictional ladder of success.  Endless is Lastfight’s take on survival.  Outlast the waves.  It’s tougher to enjoy extra’s because of the computer’s play style.  Hopefully this is one aspect of the game that changes soon.

The lack of Online simply hurts this game more than others.  Once you play long enough and get a feel for the droppable items, it’s easy to topple the computer.  For someone who doesn’t always have friends over, it will zap some potential fun.  Lastfight wont replace your Power Stone itch, but it will jog memories.

Last Fight Gets


3  out of 5

What’s Legit?

+Easy to Learn Gameplay

+Playing With Friends

What’s Perpetrating?

-No Online

-Poor AI

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2 thoughts on “LASTFIGHT Review: New Powers

  1. This actually looks pretty cool. I hadn’t heard anything about this game, but I might just have to look into it. I miss the Power Stone games. Too bad about the lack of online multiplayer though.

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