The Coin-Op Question: Why Is Overwatch So Popular?

Real Talk By: KJ

Overwatch is one MOBA that has swept the gaming audience by a landslide.  This Blizzard developed title takes unique heroes, placing them into team-based challenges.  Several games carry the same premise, especially in 2016 (Battleborn, Heroes of The Storm, Paragon, Smite, and many more).  For some reason Overwatch has simply resonated with people.  The various cosplays, outstanding artwork.  There are even fan-bases geared towards specific characters.  It reminds me of Street Fighter, in terms of character likeability and buzz.  But we would like to hear from you.  Have you been swept by Overwatch? Check out our full review as well.

Why is Overwatch So Popular?


3 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Why Is Overwatch So Popular?

  1. I think a lot of it has to do simply with the strong character design. Each character is unique, and people can find favorites to identify with. You don’t get that out of a lot of shooters.

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