The Coin-Op Question: What is The Best 3D Fighting Series?

Real Talk By: KJ

“VF is the game by which all fighting games are measured.”-Yoshinori Ono.

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A heavy thing to say.  Virtua Fighter is definitely a title that gameplay-wise certainly holds up.  I can confirm that after just playing it again recently in a local arcade.  It’s fresh on the mind.  However, i played Tekken 3 that night too.  You could pose the argument that series is just as influential.  Safe to say The 3D fighting genre is the topic here.  We’re talking about games that give you full movement around the battlefield. Franchises like Tekken, Virtua Fighter, and Dead or Alive had a big hand in the 3D progression.  Weapon-based combat added another layer.  Bushido Blade not only gave the player more maneuverability, but it allowed for some showdowns, wherein any mistake could cost you dearly.  Finding the right spot in a level made all the difference.  Power Stone 2 would take things on the go, with moving areas, and crazy weapons. Over the top in every aspect. While fighting at a 2D angle is closer to the heart, and definitely not going anywhere (SFV/MKX/KOF XIV), it’s time to shine the light on the 3D.

What is The Best 3D Fighting Series?

2 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: What is The Best 3D Fighting Series?

  1. I prefer 2D fighters over 3D ones. Soul Calibur 2 is the 3D brawler I have had most fun with. Dead or Alive is also enjoyable, due to the visuals more than anything haha.

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  2. Soul Caliber is my favorite 3D fighting game. When they introduced the character creator in Soul Caliber IV and V I had a ton of fun creating some really unique characters. The gameplay is fantastic too.

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