The Coin-Op Question: Which Games Have Surprised You?

Real Talk By: KJ

I used to have a closed mind when it came to video games.  Being apart of the site, I’ve grown to venture out of my favorite genres into uncharted waters. Certain games I was reluctant to play before, may have been triggered for a few reasons. Perhaps it was the art style, the marketing campaign behind the game.  This used to be deciding factors.  Sometimes as gamers, when we jump out our comfort zones, we can get rewarded. I can attest to this.  How about you?

Ms. Throwback: That damn Wii sports bundle, In particular Tanks! That game was so good.

Jason: Guitar Hero and Red Faction.

Cmack The Don: Urban Reign. I legit remember thinking it seemed like a slapped together mess by Namco, but then had my mouth shut by what was a unique brawler.

KJ: Riddick: Butcher Bay since movie tie-ins don’t commonly fare well. Def Jam Vendetta.  Seriously, how did that turn out great? Such an awesome surprise.

Ms. Throwback: Oh my god I’m gonna say it, Oblivion. I was like, “Morrowind was a mess. This idiotic series isn’t going anywhere.” Umm, yeah.

KJ: I was reluctant to play Kirby’s dreamland because the game looked so innocent.  When you think about it, Kirby is one of the most violent characters around. Sorry I doubted you friend.

Jason: Morrowind for sure.

The Coin-Op Question: Which Games have Surprised You?


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