Throwback Thursday: Yoshi’s Island

This is one of our favorite platformers of all time.  Ms. Throwback explains why.  Here’s the latest episode of TBT.

#YoshisIsland @PlayLegit


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Yoshi’s Island

  1. I agree that the game is probably better than DKC. But Miyamoto had a notorious hatred of DKC, but I always figured it was jealousy because the game was Nintendo’s star during the later SNES days and Rare was outshining him in the eyes of the company.

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    1. You might be right and I’m not putting DK down. Rare was king, but if I had to choose between always playing Mario titles or always play DK titles there is no comparison. It’s like call of duty, it’s well known to be one of the most popular franchises and several of the titles have set the stage for FPS, however, is it the best FPS of all time? That’s arguable. Mitamoto has room to talk when he makes such masterpieces 🙂

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