Nintendo NX Real Talk Thoughts

T-42: Nintendo NX rumors abound, A portable console being the biggest. What are your thoughts? This would answer so many issues of dealing with hardware for multiple devices like a handheld and a stand alone.  It could be all-in-one.

This doesn’t solve the issue of games pushing consoles.  They need more and better ones, preferably 3rd party support in my opinion.

Lastly, I look at my Nvidia shield portable/console, I can play so many games anywhere I go, hook it up to a tv and play games with a controller, up to 4 players even. This is brilliant.  Imagine A Smash Bros throw-down almost anywhere, a Mario Kart challenge even.

I think this is good for them.  Make it so people can take the games anywhere and cut out this need for a handheld and a console! I am personally excited if this is really true. Talk to me KJ!

Hoping the controller is more comfortable.

KJ: I think it’s the next natural progression in gaming.  Long as the hardware is powerful enough to compete with XO/PS4, this should appease the third-party.  They won’t have to release a downgraded port, just another version of a game, but on the go.  Also they should work something out with Niantic.  Nintendo would be foolish not to make NX interact with Pokémon GO in some capacity.

I hear the games may be in cartridge format.  Will Nintendo merge their existing portable titles with NX? Think of the backwards compatibility options there.  Call me crazy, but what if this thing was to be super backwards.  How about dusting off an SNES, N64, or Gameboy game even.  Could you imagine that? Too much? Yeah probably.

T-42: Unfortunately if the rumors are true it will not match up hardware wise.

KJ: I’m hoping this isn’t the case.  If so, expect a decent lineup of support at launch, then a slow third-party phase out like Wii U.  Again I hope this isn’t the deal, and the suits have wised up.

T-42: Well the rumor is Nvidia Tegra chip will be in it which it a high-end chip for mobile platform but not high enough for say Call of Duty: Infinite War.

Vex: If that’s the case I’m good. We live in Jetson times, stop being so Flintstones Nintendo.

KJ: If they focus more on the handheld aspect of this system, would they officially take themselves out of the console race? Afterall you wouldn’t compare portable game graphics to XO/PS4’s.  People certainly aren’t debating that with iOS/Android titles.  This would cut out that argument, while maintaining their business method of working in their own lane.

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3 thoughts on “Nintendo NX Real Talk Thoughts

  1. All the rumors and speculation about this thing has been fun to read. I don’t know how to feel about what the rumors suggest at the moment to be honest. I really want to see this thing already though!


  2. The idea of having a portable console sounds great but I do worry about the how well the game will perform. We will be getting new games like Zelda and the Snnic project game and I am afraid if Nintendo won’t be able to handle all the data and functions.


  3. If the rumors are true and the NX isn’t as powerful as XB1 and PS4, I think that’s fine when you consider it’s also a portable handheld — the same could be said about enticing third party support. Nintendo has had a stranglehold on the handheld console market forever, so if the NX doubles as Nintendo’s next home console AND portable handheld, the same developers who shower the 3DS with support will continue to do so for NX. At least, I imagine they would.

    The thought of finally playing a core Pokemon game, or a meaty Fire Emblem, on my HDTV is enough of a selling point, but when I consider possibly playing something like Mario Maker or Splatoon on the go? Fuck. Yes.


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