Diss or Download: Kung Fu Fury

Both TMNT: Legends and The Counter of Death are “free”, but are they worth your time? It’s the Diss or Download.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends


Legends is a Turn-Based RPG.  The presentation centers around the Nickelodeon series. Fans will feel right at home.  Menu screen music borrows from the current show.  However, the battle system and gameplay reminded me of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.  You’ll begin with an unexpected grouping of characters.  My squad included Leonardo, Karai, Newtralizer, and Spider Bytez.  Make every decision during the fight, or put it on fast forward, letting the A.I. take over.  Unlike Star Wars, Legends has too many crippling paywalls.  Getting characters, restoring energy to continue playing.  Nether feels balanced, and the paid content is unfairly priced.  The amount of character unlocks are great on-paper, considering I came only to play as the four turtles.  Such a shame fans are forced to pay to enjoy long-term.


The Counter of Death


Here is a game that isn’t using the Bruce lee license, but is clearly a Bruce lee game.  Go up a familiar (Game of Death) looking tower taking on multiple thugs and dodging traps.  Goons will throw punches and ninja stars.

You must either tap up or down on the screen.  Hitting the right command sees the hero defend, then strike.  Though the game looks old school in sight and sound, the animations are very fluid.  This is probably the most authentic game available without his name formerly attached.  I wish there was a checkpoint system in place, as losing on any floor sends you right back to the beginning.  Take the points from defeated enemies and temporarily upgrade life.  Also the game was recently updated with more costumes, so the support is certainly present.  This is a good one for martial arts fans, and anyone needing a quick reflex challenge.  The Dragon Lives on.


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