Pokémon Go or No? The iOS Review

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

A small percentage of human kind are now in a life threatening survival situation, in which case they may not have heard of Pokémon Go, the latest app to absolutely sweep the world off of its feet.  This review is for them, and anyone else who is just being stubborn about downloading a free application which, quite possibly, could be the greatest app of all time.  For review purposes I will use my unbiased lense and keep this review really straight forward, because here at PlayLegit, it’s what we do.

Ingress developers Niantic take things to the next level.

Firstly I would like to point out that this is a free application.  Not only that but it is location-based, augmented reality, which in so many terms, that you have to walk around actual planet earth to play it.  The game uses google maps to recognize where you are, and what the interesting locations are around you.  It then places virtual Pokémon in your world which you can find by looking around with your camera and catch with poke-balls.  In app purchases are available for those of us that can’t wait for more poke-balls or more Pokémon.  Just like in the Pokémon games players can capture, battle, and release a myriad of Pokémon which means a real life collectathon with exercise! I mean what isn’t there to love?

Pidgey needs a drink.

For one thing, on its release there were a ton of issues with the servers.  I don’t know if they were quite estimating that it would be the fastest downloaded app of all time, so, it took em’ a while to catch up.  It was also abundantly clear after it’s release, that people have trouble making reasonable decisions.  Google maps doesn’t know that the Holocaust Museum is different from a National Park, so the game placed Pokémon in the middle of people’s grave sites, sports stadiums, and yes, even historical sites that are used for the grieving of the most horrible crimes committed in humanity. While there is a way for Pokémon locations to be removed from the game, it takes time, and in the mean time, many places have been bombarded with rude players, walking around catching virtual beings.

In classic Pokémon fashion, name and evolve your favorites.

On the other side of this equation those same players have saved the world while also helping themselves.  Several health care outlets have praised the title for its health benefits which they say include helping people with depression and other mental health issues, and becoming more active with positive outlooks on their physical health.  Two closed files have been reopened after bodies were found by Pokémon Go players, and a set of Marines caught a murder suspect while playing Pokémon Go.  Can any other game in the history of video gaming even make the same claim?  I think not.  Businesses have also benefited from this game by buying into Pokémon for their establishment, thus bumping up revenues.

Photo Credit: StareCat.Com

Besides what the game is, and what it’s done.  The game is truly enjoyable at the core.  If you’re the type of person that absolutely doesn’t want to get up and be active while you game (and believe me, I don’t blame you.), then this isn’t the game for you.  Taking the lazy option of driving around is just dangerous and you’re eventually going to have to get out to have the full interaction of the title.  It’s nice to find other people who play the title and start-up a conversation, it becomes an immensely involved social experience, where people who wouldn’t usually talk to each other, are now interacting on some common level.  The game still has a certain amount of freezing and crashing, but other than that, personally I have enjoyed every second of the true to life Pokémon title, and I’m excited for its success.

Pokémon Go Gets


4.5 Out of 5

What’s Legit?

+ It’s Pokémon in real life

+ Interact with other humans!

+ Help society by solving murders

+ Become a more fit you

What’s Perpetrating?

– Hurt yourself because you’re not paying attention

-Tick other people off because you’re being rude

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Additional images by Jason Johns.

6 thoughts on “Pokémon Go or No? The iOS Review

  1. I will admit, this app is fun but it can be dangerous. It’s already been reported that it can lead to car accidents, robbery and falling off of cliffs. It also drains a ton of batteries in people’s phone too. At least this encourages people to get up and go places like the actual Pokemon series.

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    1. If it drains your battery you should just be like the one guy that hooked up a solar charger to his head and walked around. Haha. No but really we can’t fix stupid if people are walking off of cliffs.

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  2. Great review! It’s such a unique app. There are so many stories surrounding it, and that’s because it’s something that many people have never really experienced until now. It deserves its score for the special positivity this game creates, both for physical and mental health.

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