Hoppin’ Mad: First Person Shooter Costumes

Real Talk By: KJ

This is the first edition of “Hoppin’ Mad”.  Here we will mention an element in the industry that angers us.  We would love to receive suggestions from you for future write-ups.  One of the things in gaming that frustrates, is the promotion of:

Paid Costume DLC Packs Inside First Person Shooters!


Take this image above, there is literally no way possible the player can enjoy it.  Well, unless you show up in a killcam. It’s like throwing $2.99 out a window.

If a game is in third person, it’s easy to enjoy an unlocked outfit.  You can actually see the character wearing the clothing of choice.  The Gears of War franchise is known for its various character skins.  Players can appreciate Cole Train in his Thrashball attire, and even his Superstar get-up.

There is an exception to the rule.  Many FPS will let players temporarily see the character at a third person angle.  In Halo 5 Guardians, when picking up a turret the camera gives you a third-person view.  It can feel like such a tease, as many of these characters look so cool yet the view is temporary.  Plenty of titles do it. Dying light had me boiling with its Ninja costume DLC.  It’s a proven fact that Ninjas are awesome.  In that game the only person able to enjoy it would be player two.

“Hey that’s a great outfit buddy!”

This is something that shouldn’t be promoted an any fashion.  If it’s in the game cool, but to push and promote costumes which cannot ever be fully appreciated by the owner is downright absurd.  Keep the Exo skeleton packs, and helmet DLC’s free!

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