LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review: Blockbuster

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens released on multiple platforms in June of 2016 and follows the story-line of the film. Gameplay for this title is similar to other Lego franchises with some new inclusions and as usual, is perfect for any type of player from beginning to advanced, as well as any member of the family.  Star Wars fans will also enjoy that the game is voiced by people who sound extremely close to the on-screen actors from the movie as well.

This episode expands on the building features of previous entries.

While at its surface The Force Awakens may seem simple, the puzzles are fun, interesting, and spread out between multiple characters in the title.  Although some essentially consist of the same face with different skins, overall there is 100 different combinations of characters to play, and each one consists of slightly different powers and weaponry.  As if that wasn’t enough, each system includes special downloadable content as well, making the possibilities to the title seemingly endless.

While I was slightly disappointed with the hub world maps, the title made up for it by including some new story-line aspects to fill in parts the movie didn’t cover.  The world maps just seemed a little strange to navigate, and with eight hours on campaign mode I was looking for slightly more to do.

Hanging out waiting for content.

The platforming and collectathon aspects of the game haven’t been lost in the least bit, and at its core it’s still that classic Lego franchise feel.  While the old feel of Lego titles is something I was looking forward to, there are also clearly new inclusions, like the covered shoot outs which reminded me strangely of Gears of War.  There are also parts of the game where you will find yourself in open air, or on path firefights and they are glorious!  Controlling these sections of the game is a breeze and breathes fresh air into the title.

Whoa! A cover system comes to the Lego series.

After the onslaught of Lego games in recent years, I eventually fell off the band wagon. Picking up with The Force Awakens really makes me realize what made these games so incredible to begin with.  The dialog in the cut scenes tells the Star Wars story in a hilarious tribute to the movie, the game is well-paced with plenty of play time, mixed with perfect character dynamics and scripting.  To top it all off, perfectly plastic visuals to tie in the love of all things Lego.  That’s why,

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gets


4 Out of 5

What’s Legit?

+ Challenging Puzzles

+ Secrets and Unlockables

+ Flight Portions

+ Platforming Genius

What’s Perpetrating?

– A bit short

-Hub Planet Maps

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