The Coin-Op Question: What Was Your Favorite E3 2016 Announcement?

This could be a technology reveal, or a special game that caught your eye.

The AX: Resident Evil 7. I was so excited!

Vex: A little bummed an E.T. sequel wasn’t announced, but I’m hyped for Dead Rising, both G.O.W. and Prey.

Ms. Throwback: Oh my word. I died. (Reaction to The Zelda: BOTW announcement)

Mo Chocolate: My favorite thing from the showfloor was the latest Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Demo. Looking forward to that and of course Just Dance 2017.

T-42: Definitely Zelda and Dual Universe. God of War is up there too.

KJ: For me it was GOW4 times 2. God of War 4 and Gears of War 4. I Needs! Also, if Crash Bandicoot is getting the same quality remastering job Ratchet and Clank did, I’ll be a happy brother.  Might be one of the greatest E3’s ever.

The Coin-Op Question: What Was Your Favorite E3 2016 Announcement?

Y’all can pick more than one. It’s cool 😎

4 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: What Was Your Favorite E3 2016 Announcement?

  1. For me, not so much an announcement, but I was intrigued by the expansiveness of Zelda, and I liked the added info on Mirage Arcane Warfare during the PC Gaming show. If it’s even half as good as Chivalry I can see myself potentially sinking a lot of hours into it. I also really liked what Microsoft showed of Sea Of Theives, and Scalebound. Great stuff.

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  2. My favorite announcement in E3 was Spider-Man PS4, the announcement of Crash Bandicoot remaster, God of War, Resident Evil 7, Death Standing, and Watch Dogs 2. It was mostly Sony games. I don’t own the Wii U but I was impressed on the graphics on The Legend of Zelda.

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