Food Bankin’ It Play Legit Style

Real Talk By: Cmack The Don

Hey Play Legitians,

C-Mack here with updating everyone on an exciting event that yours truly (and by connection Play Legit, because one of us reps all of us) was involved in at my day job about a month back.

When I’m not helping generate Real Talk for KJ and the crew, I currently work at Mid-Ohio Food Bank, the largest non-profit food relief organization in the state of Ohio, helping volunteers pack food that goes to shelters and pantries in up to 20 different counties.

Every year at the foodbank, there’s an internal fund-raising month filled with fun events to help kick up some much-needed dollars and cents towards our goal of relieving hunger in our community, and in my past 2 years working there, I’ve made sure to jump in on the action.

tekken tag 2

With contributions from both KJ Business himself and the ever powerful Ricky Murphy, I set up the MOFB Video Game Day, where players/contestants would come in to one of our meeting rooms and pay a small donation that would give them certified time off work to just hang out with ya boy and play some great games.

KJ provided his PS3 along with Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Pokken Tournament, and others, while Ricky Murphy threw in his Wii-U and Mario Kart 8, along with Super Mario Maker and a few others.

Mario Kart 8 was very popular among the staff that includes all ages, and our event, in which Play Legit flyers and cards were passed out, helped to generate about $35 total towards the fund-raising campaign. The exchange rate for donations at the food bank is that $1 equals about $9 worth of groceries, so that’s a good amount of food we helped people afford for a 3 hour event that was one day only.

Play Legit keeps it so real, that even when we’re doing a good thing, people can smile about it.  Have a great summer fam!

#FoodBank @PlayLegit

20160511_142214 (1)
Image courtesy of the MOFB Publicity Department

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