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The big ones include Mega Man, X, Legends, Battle Network, and Zero.   Each represents a change in direction, while keeping familiar elements in-tact.  The original games and X, we’re treated to tough pioneering boss fights and controller tossing stages.  Battle Network would spawn multiple sequels, and surprise many with its approachable RPG interface.  BN was a popular handheld series, so much it would even get a TV show.  Capcom may have forgotten about Legends, but the fans have not.  We’re still sad about part 3 getting the axe.  Taking this hero into an action-adventure style game,was a risk that paid-off.  A prequel/Spin-off (The Misadventures of Tron Bonne), and sequel released as well.  With the announcement of a new CGI series, hopefully we’ll get a true Mega Man resurgence.  Looking back on all the titles you’ve ever played with the blue bomber:

COQ: Which Mega Man Series is The Greatest?

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