The Coin-Op Question: Are Mid-Gen System Upgrades a Good Idea?

Real Talk By: KJ

Question Posed By: Vex

Back in the day A console gave you more of a locked-in feeling, Knowing that whatever released during a generation, you could most-likely play.  Now there appears to be more hurdles.  With all the Nintendo 3DS releases, the last was not only the most powerful, it had exclusive titles.  You can only run Xenoblade Chronicles on it, kicking the former versions to the curb.  The 3D effect is only usable in the New 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors.  This applies to other games on the handheld also.  PC gaming gets knocked on because owners upgrade their rigs to run modern games.  Now it seems like console owners have a similar task, possibly spending more money in the long run.   PlayStation 4 is getting a souped-up 4K machine.  Awesome for those who never bought the system.  Day-one fans, may not share the same feelings.  Is Xbox 1.5 happening?  With their track record of controller and system reloads, it is a high possibility.

The Coin-Op Question: Are Mid-Gen System Upgrades a Good Idea?

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2 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Are Mid-Gen System Upgrades a Good Idea?

  1. I understand wanting to release something more powerful. However if you know that something like it could exist why waist time now making a lesser product? Well a couple of reasons. In the realm of Hand Held consoles Nintendo is King and other than the mobile platform nothing will change that.

    From a console perspective I draw concerns. Consoles are more and more becoming like Custom Gaming PCs with a proprietary user interface and operating system. Now you can upgrade and get the better version. Listen, this isn’t like Nintendo where they had a chip you could buy and upgrade your existing hardware. This is them saying “Hey, a new better version!” This is very similar to how Apple does its products. New iPhone, better Mac Book, New iPad…… And people will spend money on it.

    This is bad. One of the shinning reasons why some people play console over PC is you buy a unit and play a game. No upgrades need to happen, buy once and play. With the PC market, at least in the Hardcore realm upgrading every other year or every year is normal and almost expected. Not in the console market.

    Wasn’t console gaming “supposed” to be cheaper, or easier?” If you are going to get a console only to have to upgrade a year later, might as well spend that money on a gaming PC and get WAY more bang for your buck and games on the PC are WAY cheaper. I got Doom for $40.00 opening week…… You Won’t find that on console, Perhaps a used copy, but that is SUPER doubtful.

    All of this being said, this is why I believe Nintendo is the last TRUE console maker out there, with TRUE exclusives.


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