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Here are just a few postings found inside the All-New Play Legit Facebook Group.  Heads up, if you haven’t watched Captain America: Civil War, come back later.  Now let’s see what’s trending.

Family Guy Tecmo Bowl

Have you been Bo’Jacked? This Could help.  Peter Griffin takes advantage of a well-known Tecmo Bowl exploit.

Bang Band’s Concert

This one is a few years old, but it still impresses.  Skullgirls character Big Band plays some unique tunes.  Click for a listen.

“Attack on Giant Man”

It’s crazy just how well the Attack on Titan theme fits during the Civil War Airport brawl.

Honest Trailer: “Deadpool”

It’s another Honest Trailer with a fantastic twist.  The Deadpool movie never gets old.

This Is SEGA Test

The following is a documentary about SEGA employees going through the long game testing process.  Some are overly passionate about their jobs.  The Virtual Cop test is a must see.

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