Diss or Download: Lost Reavers & Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

These particular games are “free”, but are they worth your time?  Fun fact, both titles revolve around treasure hunting.  It’s the Diss or Download.

Lost Reavers

Namco Bandai has put together a game exclusively for the Wii U.  Lost Reavers lets players take control of 4 heroes (Sayuri, Dwayne, Victoria, and ShadowStalker).  I will say the gameplay is a tad sluggish, especially when shooting.  Fortunately enough, there is aiming help so it never becomes a major issue.  Melee attacks get the job done, but the camera is hit or miss.  Expect to fight with it a bit.  Before playing,  you must run through each person’s tutorial.  When you’ve played through one of the tutorials, it never felt necessary to play all 4.  The first one was unnecessary, now do it 3 more times.  The goal of LR is to go through a few floors in a level until you reach the treasure.  Take the loot back to the start of the mission without dying.  The other three players will protect you against primarily zombie-like threats.  No voice chat, have fun selecting canned messages.  With only two areas, and a lot of backtracking,  Lost Reavers is a tough one to recommend.



Uncharted: Fortune Hunter


Did you know a mobile game featuring Drake and Sully is available?  For free? Fortune Hunter is a straight-up puzzler relying on players swiping and tapping skills.  Also this game will unlock stuff for Uncharted 4. Were talking about weapon skins and other multiplayer stuff.  Levels in FH have obstacles on grid-like stages.  Drag Drake on each board grabbing the goodies at the end.  With over 200 areas, not only is this a fitting companion to Uncharted, it’s a pretty-decent game in its own right.  Not the hardest in the genre, but certainly enough to keep you occupied.



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