One More Time: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Every version of this famed story arch is different (Movie/Comic/Game).   Good news the end result has been awesome each time.  In the Video Game Players could fuse their powers with other heroes’, producing satisfying results.  Though Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 was short,  UA2 had the presentation and mayhem down-pact.  Playing out the Civil War story with a few friends was hard to resist.  With the news of Disney Infinity getting cancelled, perhaps another UA entry could help fill the coop-hero void.

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7 thoughts on “One More Time: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

  1. Disney Infinity is canceled? I thought they were selling a lot of numbers and making money. I wonder what happened. Anyway, I did play the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance but not the second game. It would be nice if Marvel brought back the game again for platforms.

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      1. I don’t play Disney Infinity but I think it was a fun way to play the Marvel characters in a open world. Now with this news, no more Marvel heroes on the console except for the Lego games. I really wish Marvel returned to making Marvel games on the consoles.

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  2. The original Marvel Ultimate Alliance was awesome. I wasn’t a big fan of the sequel though as they watered things down. All that said I would gladly give a third game a try.

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