The Coin-Op Question: Which Marvel Movie is Your Favorite So Far?

Real Talk By: KJ

Captain America: Civil War has been a hit with moviegoers and critics alike.

The Russo Bros. successfully juggled new and familiar faces in the flick, while delivering a satisfying plot at the same time.  However, there are other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that may have left an impression as well.

How about The Avengers?  Seeing world famous heroes joining up for the first time in live action was a treat.  There were some oddball flicks too (Ant-Man, GoTG).  Guardians of The Galaxy gave those “I’m tired of superhero movies” people something they couldn’t ignore:  A smart mouthed Raccoon and a Talking tree.

With all the content out there, it might be a tough decision.  You can pick more than one, it’s cool.

The Coin-Op Question: Which Marvel Movie is Your Favorite (So Far)?

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6 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Which Marvel Movie is Your Favorite So Far?

  1. It was Guardians for the longest time but Civil War might have taken that spot. It just worked so well, everything came together and everything had meaning. The MCU, in my opinion, is the best franchise out there at the moment. Very excited for the future of the MCU. 🙂

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  2. I have enjoyed most of the Marvel movies. The original Thor was the biggest surprise in my eyes (given that I am not a fan of the comics.) Good action, funny moments and Loki is by far the best Marvel cinematic villain.

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  3. The first Avengers film is one of my favorite films of all-time, but even I have to acknowledge that comparing any non-Avengers Marvel film to the excitement Avengers was able to bring at the time isn’t fair. The soon to be four Avengers movies are in their own separate category as far as I’m concerned…with the exception of Captain America: Civil War. This is the only one close enough to that category. So, I guess my answer will be Civil War followed closely by Winter Soldier and then Guardians of the Galaxy.

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