Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Real Thoughts 

Real Talk By: T-42

For nearly a decade we had an absence of space games in the market.  It was a sad time for those who loved that genre. Then Chris Roberts brought the hype train and now there are space games everywhere! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have arrived.  We have a Triple A developer joining the space game ranks, Infinity Ward.


Everything about this new trailer is setting off my hype alarm, in both good and bad ways.  The good? Well, that comes in the form of it being what I am looking for in a warfare type sci-fi game. The other part being that it will scratch that itch that I thought Star Citizen would have fixed but has yet (and may not) deliver on.  It’s almost like this game is going to be a mix of CoD, Halo, and Mass Effect.  Could that be the ultimate game? Perhaps.


The bad part of this is that it is another CoD game.  If they are going epic with this game then perhaps the cycle of yearly releases might slow down.  If not then expansions and DLC for a game like this could be ideal.  I have personally been so burnt out on CoD that I haven’t actively played a CoD game since Modern Warfare 2.  Which leads me to my other thought, a remastered Modern Warfare, also known as CoD4.  All in all I am excited to see how this game goes and it may be the first CoD I will have bought in the last 5-6 years.

This is one to definitely keep your eyes on!

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