Gears of War 4 Beta Thoughts

Real Talk By: KJ

The Gears of War 4 Beta is out so let’s break down the mayhem.  New weapon The “Dropshot” launches a bomb upwards, allowing players control its distance before coming down and exploding.  In true Gears fashion, the execution for it is brutal.  One sticks that DS behind a person’s head, shooting the weapon once more, sending them flying.

Ever since the first game, I wanted COG members to use the combat knives equipped on their person.  Now players can yank someone from cover, then quickly hit the B button to shank and go.  However, if you’re the yank-ee, smash the B button fast to reverse.  Other than those welcomed additions, much in this beta feels far too familiar.

Graphics (as of this writing) while not bad, really don’t impress either.  A far cry from the images seen in the Game Informer spread, or the campaign footage shown at last year’s E3.  I’m hoping the game as a whole looks up-to-snuff come release day.

I would add a few things to liven up Gears 4.  The animations need to improve.  Chainsaw clashing, executions, are exactly the same.  Curb Stomping? Same.  How about character specific special moves?  More powerful hardware is at the teams disposal, so let’s take the series to the next level.  I also would like to hear footsteps again when players are close.  Sounds of the Torque Bow winding up, ext.  The audio effects have been a integral part of past titles, because it gives players an competitive edge.

In and out.

Here is smooth online.  The Coalition has lived up to their 60 fps claims.  I have been getting all my kills, without laggy interferences.  The popular “Team Deathmatch” mode is here.  Nothing has changed with this.  No need.  New mode “Dodgeball” was a great idea and fits with the style of the series.  If a teammate dies, the only way to bring them back is by killing an enemy.  This is where it gets real.  Respawning still takes time.  A player could be taken out before the resurrection is complete.

The development team is taking a risk advancing the plot 25 years into the future, let’s see more of this attitude implemented into the gameplay.  I understand the Coalition not wanting to mess with the formula.  In that regard it’s a success.  Hopefully there are some cool surprises on deck for fans.  Still a fun time, but nothing to boast about either.  Look for Gears of War 4 on October 11th, 2016.

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“The Gnasher’s overpowered and the Lancer doesn’t do $^&!” That was a quote from some random player online. Thought you should know Coalition.

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