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Luigi Joins The Cast of ‘Ghostbusters’


The Ghostbusters Reboot has received some backlash.  This hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Sony Pictures has announced a short-term deal with Nintendo to combat the harsh criticisms.  This will bring Luigi into the fold.  While the movie had no way of disappointing this summer, certain scenes needed a special “kick”.  A CGI version of the Green Plummer will be inserted into highlight parts of the movie.  John Leguizamo will reprise his role serving as the golden voice of Luigi.  Being an expert at paranormal fighting, his inclusion was absolutely the right move.  When something’s strange in the neighborhood, you have more people to call.

April Fools y’all!




  1. Ohhhh yeah, but he would look hawt in one of the tan jumpsuits, showing that mooseknuckle!! come on Nintendo, make that a Luigi DLC oufit for smash bros!

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