Hulu to Stream New Marvel Shows

Similar to the Netflix deal, Hulu will receive four shows of its own.  All will stay true to the MCU format.  Everything is connected.  Introducing Marvel’s Squirrel Girl & Doop, The Great Lakes Avengers, Sauron In The City, and Uncle Ben.  Peter Parker’s legendary father figure is leading the charge in 2017.

Before he was an Uncle, he was Ben.

The show is expected to jump sporadically between the teenage years of Ben Parker (Stacy Keach), to his last days.  High-stake scenarios including filing taxes, nailing the perfect note in band practice, and meeting May for the first time.  Viewers will be introduced to a powerful man who’s responsible.  We will see younger versions of future Spider-Man villains.  This season in-particular pits Ben against “The Terrible Tinkerer” Played by Dustin Diamond.  Expect Peter Parker cameos, and other surprises.

April Fools Y’all



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