The Play Legit Official Rating Scale

Here is the breakdown.  The one goal in all of our reviews is to keep it real with honest/unbiased scores.  The MF point system, well, just watch any R-Rated Samuel L. Jackson Movie.  We try our absolute best to issue a score on new and retro titles that cater to the resources available when released, and staying power as well.  Our mascot Lil’ Mofo is happy when the game is fun.  If not, well…

Hot Garbage Zone (0-1.5 out of 5)

1mf (2)

100% Unplayable games with terrible performance issues.  Horrendous voice acting, plots, and gameplay.  If a title lands in this zone, you need to back away.  Immediately.


The Wasted Potential Zone (2-2.5 out of 5)


Head scratching designs, glitches, games with this scoring are lacking severely.  Well, some could be worthy of a few laughs, not because the designers intended it.


The Rental Zone (3-3.5 out of 5)


May not be the best idea to pay full price, but could play at a friends house. Try a demo.  Redbox could be a possibility.  Shades of awesome throughout, but glaring flaws or odd omissions damaged the rating.

Bow down.

High Purchase Zone (4-4.5 out of 5)


Now these video games had some sort of hindrance that prevented the 5 count.  Lack of content, possibly a disappointing finale.  Consider making an investment, but dive in with a dash of caution.


The Go and Get it Now Zone! (5 out of 5)


5 out of 5 MF’s means we are telling the truth.  Games in this territory are absolute must-buys.  The best value possible for your hard-earned dollars.  Every aspect of the presentation is spot on.  Infinitely fun titles that offer memorable experiences.


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