The Top 5 Futuristic Racing Games

Real Talk By: KJ

It feels like the future racing genre is starting to make a solid comeback.  2015’s “Fast Racing Neo” was a much-needed escape from the realistic sims dominating the market.  FRN also brought back some fond memories of similar games.  I’m here to count down the best that I have ever played.  Neon lights and Techno ahead.

Honorable Mentions:



Motorcycle racing in the future.

Outrun 2019


The Outrun legacy would continue on Sega consoles.



With Racing gear attached to their bodies, the danger was always present.

Fast Racing Neo


True fan service for Wii U owners.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer


In my opinion both the Arcade version and Console build qualify.  Awesome movie music to race to as well.  The Dreamcast version would feature improved visuals.  Wherever you played, the fun factor was high.  Technically this isn’t a futuristic racer, you know because of the “Long time ago in a galaxy far far away” stuff.  Let it slide for us. Okay?

5. Jetmoto 2


These Hover-Ski Vehicles were awesome.  The designs didn’t seem far-fetched in my opinion.  It’s as if we may see people driving them soon enough.  One and two are great challenging games.  Part 3, was developed by 989 Studios.  What more needs to be said? Avoid please.  The experience felt more current with extreme product placements from Chef Boyardee and Mountain Dew.  JM2 is definitely the strongest in the series.  A true follow-up would be great for this gen.

4. Rush 2049


San Francisco looks fun in the future!  Cool levels taking advantage of the setting.  Secret areas are well placed,making the replay value high.  The home ports featured a battle mode, this is perfect for the Mario Kart competive-couch audience.  Big Jumps and fast cars, nothing but thrills.

3. Trials Fusion


 Well designed levels by both the development studio at Red Lynx, and the community as well.  Trials would move into the future introducing some new elements.  As satisfying as it is to clear a ridiculously hard track, seeing your rider go flying off an ATV was just as thrilling.

2. Wipeout/Fury HD


Six-Axis tilt controls if you wanted it, and tons of stuff to do.  This is a game that has been copied many times across several systems, but never truly duplicated.  Narrow tracks with sharp twists and turns.  Any entry in Wipeout can go here on the list.  The Vita port is just as solid.  This is one series that Sony safeguards well.

1. F-Zero GX


Here is a GCN classic that I threw many controllers playing.  A title I couldn’t put down nonetheless.  Sega worked with Nintendo to give us an updated F-Zero that delivered.  Light vehicle customization options, lively sounds, and even a story mode revolving around Captain Falcon.  Action packed cutscenes with ridiculous voice acting.  The cheesiness worked with the game.  Players could take GameCube memory cards, bringing their data with them to the arcade.  It was the right mix of Interesting Vehicles, Tracks, and Pilots.  The Trifecta.

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5 thoughts on “The Top 5 Futuristic Racing Games

  1. I kind of miss these games a lot. I think I’ve always enjoyed these games a lot more than other types of racers.

    I agree with you about Jet Moto being a very down-to-earth game for its genre. Especially the first one felt like something that would feel right at home on a channel like ESPN.

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