The Greatest Fighting Game Box Art Ever

Real Talk By: KJ

Here is some of my favorite box art in fighting game history.  I have seen quite a few, and this was certainly fun to put together.  Did I miss one? Here we go:

10. Def Jam Fight For NY


The whole story is about making a power play for the city.  D-Mob wants it back.  Money, Power, respect.  These things have been recited throughout this series.  Players get a good idea of the brutality awaiting them with just a glace of the cover.  We’re still looking for either an HD update, or a true sequel to this game.  Def Jam Icon doesn’t exist.  What is that?

9. Virtua Fighter 5


One of the smoothest playing 3D fighters would take the leap to PS3/X360 in style.  Newer characters clash, while the other ones observe.  They must prove their worth to the veteran roster.  All-the-while Virtua Fighter star Akira dominates the box with his death stare.

8. Tatsunoko vs Capcom


It’s one big party.  The fact this title made it to the states alone is a celebration.  You get to see some of the greatest characters in animation and fighting game history all-together.  It demands a few looks to take everything in.  Fighter placement is well done on this cover, its as if this crossover was always meant to be.

7. Street Fighter 2


like the Street Fighter 2 Turbo cover, Capcom artists would put together absurd match results.  Blanka smashing through Ryu and going right for Chun Li.  I couldn’t imagine this happening in the modern landscape.  Funny how a “What if” scenario is transferred onto the official box art for that time.

6. Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter


The Sony PlayStation version would receive a bland cover, with just the game’s logo plastered on a white background.  However, Saturn owners were given a nifty box art, showing our favorites in the middle of a massive conflict.  Another advantage Sega’s system had was that it offered Tag-battling.  The PS1 didn’t have the juice needed at the time to make this happen.

5. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers


Cleary Terry Bogard is in a place he doesn’t want to be.  The enemy has something of his.  Nobody touches Terry’s Hat.  This picture tells a story, one where we can predict the outcome.  The Real Bout series of Fatal Fury titles had impressive gameplay visuals then, and this cover is no different.

4. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


This shinny/clean cover grabs a select few from the UMVC3 roster.  We see some of the newer cast members in particular.  Ghost Rider’s flaming skull lights up the entire box, as Hawkeye aims right towards the audience.  Move out-of-the-way!

3. Samurai Showdown

samurai showdown
Haohmaru is so well drawn here, he looks like a real person.  So much to take away from this cover.  The waves, sunset, Birds.  Calm and relaxing.   Just a day in the life of a Samurai.  Who is next to challenge him?

2. Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe


While the game left much to be desired, the marketing was spot on.  MKDC’s standard edition cover looks sentational, while the Kollectors edition is ripe with colors and even more detail.  The amazing blend of both worlds is present.  Batman/Scorpion mixture makes for an impressive piece of art.  It’s as if they are the same person.  Two ninjas with very different codes.

1. Street Fighter Alpha 2


The ultimate confrontation. Perfectly designed.  Without a doubt, it’s about to get real.  Ryu facing his darkest fears head-on.  When I think of my favorite box arts ever, this image always comes into my mind.  Thanks for checking out the list friends.

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4 thoughts on “The Greatest Fighting Game Box Art Ever

  1. It seems your a fan of this guys artwork! Most of the box art for the capcom and SNK titles is the same artist Shinkiro. He is an amazing artist!

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