Diss or Download: Shot/Ridge/Jungle

Real Talk By: KJ

These particular games are “free”, but are they worth your time.  Diss or Download boots up.

Hop Shot is one tough game . Players jump from various platforms as their Animal of choice.  Precision is key.  You have to land on these (sometimes) moving surfaces or its game over.  Distances vary too, making this a true challenge.  Hold the bottom of your screen and release at the perfect angle, Players must predetermine how their character will land.  The simple cartoony visuals work for this one.  Soothing Caribbean music helps reduce the stress. Perfect for gamers of any age, but when things heat up veterans must answer the call.  Give it a spin.



Ridge Runner is a vaulting game.  Leap through various obstacles in this endless runner.  They really want you to pay to remove the ads.  After a few loses, your hit with them.  This happens regularly, and it’s enough to take you right out of the experience.  Not to mention the controls just aren’t that very responsive.  Buying extra characters is rather expensive as well.  You’ll play once and forget about it.



Jungle Crush is a fast-moving puzzle game that fights back.  The goal is to make the blocks come down hitting the deadliest foes.  The enemy’s lifebar well dwindle down.  While this is happening your character has to stay alive maneuvering around the board.  The difficulty is high very early in the game. Unlockable animals can aide you in battle.  The stakes continue to rise, as does the fun factor.  A lot happening in this game with Gems, Stars, blocks and assist characters all being micro-managed.  Definitely pay attention to the tutorials.



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